Geneva College Spring Break Mission Trips

D.C., here we come…. | March 6, 2009

Washington DC here we come. We, as a dc group, our a bunch of fallen, passionate people going to the nation’s capitol in an exploration of how we as Christians can join in the social justice movement. Throughout the trip, we will be visiting a wide-spectrum of organizations (ONE Campaign, Sojourners, State Dept. for Sex Trafficking, Churches for Middle East Peace, Bread for the World) in hopes of gaining a better understanding of various issues. We as a group have developed three themes to guide our trip:
On the trip, we want to be…

Learners: While in DC, we want to soak in as much knowledge as we can. We are passionate about feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and giving a voice to the voiceless. But without knowledge, understanding, and wisdom – we believe this passionate is limited. It is our hope that through this trip, we can add depth to our passion.

Lovers: We are going to be meeting many people throughout our journey- people who work countless hours fighting to conquer the injustice in our world and people suffering because of the injustice in our world. It is our hope that in some way, big or small, we can show the grace, beauty, mercy, and love of Jesus our Lord to everyone we may encounter while serving and learning in DC.
Lifers: To us, this trip is much more than us going on a week long getaway. This educational excursion is about us, figuring out together , how to live our entire lives in a justice-seeking, Christ-centered way. Hopefully, we not only come back as more “rich” people, but we start living as “richer” people. We desire to be lifers, not spring breakers.

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