Geneva College Spring Break Mission Trips

Meet the Guatemala team! | March 6, 2009

Putting their heads together

Putting their heads together

We’ll be traveling to Finca Vista Hermosa, a farm in northwest Guatemala. Not only will be learning about the coffee trade, we’ll see it produced every step along the way and meet the farmers who work to bring the coffee from bean to cup (at BFCAT!).

Additionally, we’ll be going to the markets in Huehuetenango, walk among Mayan ruins, visiting Anacafe in Guatemala City (the association of growers in Guatemala) and playing soccer with the kids in the neighborhood. We’ll have the opportunity to learn from three generations of farmers, one of which is a speaker for the Billy Graham Association.

Coffee farmers are often exploited for their hard labor and can make under $1,000 a year for their whole farm. On this trip, we’ll learn about why farmers are paid so little, the institutions in place that exploit these farmers, the different trade models to right this wrong, and ways that you can help these farmers, both while we’re on the trip and back at home.

Some ways to pray for the Guatemala team:

The week of March 2

Pray for the team as they prepare spiritually, pack their bags, and finish classes. The team includes: Allison Law (Geneva student), Josiah Clark (Geneva student), Rima Warren (Geneva student), Jake Liefer (barista at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea), Bethany Warren (co-owner of the Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co., wife and mother of one, and Geneva alum), and Allyson Bentz (Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Geneva).

Saturday, March 7

Pray for safety in travel as the team leaves Beaver Falls at 3 a.m. and arrives in Guatemala City around noon. Pray that flights are on time and that Edwin (the farmer) meets us at the airport as planned. Pray that we travel safely to Huehuetenango, a village about five hours away from the city. Pray for our baggage to arrive and for safety in the airports and along the roads.

Sunday, March 8

Pray for safety as we explore Heuheutenango. Pray that our hearts and minds are open to what the Lord would have us learn through the Mayan people.

Monday, March 9

Pray for safety as we travel to the coffee plantation, Finca Vista Hermosa, about a two-hour drive from Huehuetenango. Pray that we adjust quickly to our surroundings and are a blessing to the workers there rather than a hassle! Pray that our hearts and minds are open to learning from Edwin and his family…and that as a result, we’re more aware of how our decisions at home affect the people around the world.

Tuesday, March 10

Pray for energy and safety as we learn about and participate in the harvesting process. Pray for protection from bacteria in food and water and that we would be healthy at the farm.

Wednesday, March 11

Pray that we are protected from the hot sun and mosquitoes as we work. Pray for opportunities we may have to serve in the community (building house and medical clinic, games with kids, Bible school, etc.) and that we would serve with humble and open hearts. Pray that those we work for and with see the love of Christ in us and that above all, God would be glorified through our time there.

Thursday, March 12

Pray for safe travel back to Huehuetenango and as we visit a weaving factory, a dry mill and Mayan ruins.

Friday, March 13

Pray for safe travel back to Guatemala City. Pray that Edwin and his family are refreshed and encouraged by our visit.

Saturday, March 14

Pray for on-time flights and a safe trip home!

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