Geneva College Spring Break Mission Trips

Day two in Aliquippa. | March 25, 2009

March 11, 2009

Praying colleagues:
Yesterday was the team’s first full day of Café service. Over dinner here last night I heard that David and Kerry, with the help of Dean Smith, despite the playful fire of supervisory pessimists and optimists trading It won’t works and It will works, successfully built and attached a shelf to the wall for the community computers. Wow! That creates a lot more space at the back of the Café! More room for the foosball table! Rebekah and Hannah aided a plan of John’s to refurbish an old park bench. Getting it apart proved a feat. They also served lunch. Michael expressed delight at being back behind the counter, something he did a lot of when he interned there last summer. Kerry reports that Michael makes a great Oreo milkshake! The café was bustling with patrons around lunch. Later in the day, Hannahs family stopped in for their first visit; they toured the place, and the team served them dinner.

John says that today they will climb up into the crawl space and get down St. Patrick’s Day decorations (as I recall, there is always a party at the Café — keep it in mind!), as well as computers to install in the freshly assembled upstairs office. Not sure what else!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what John said on Sunday: a 10-year-old (20-year-old, 40-year-old) is not responsible for what he/she was born into; they are responsible for choices now; and we are responsible to show them the way. I think there is also the reality that all of us need some totally undeserved redemption at a point in our lives when we are in a position to see the severity of our need. A redemption that brings us to our senses and frees us to move forward responsibly in the grace of God. This miracle can never be confused with presumption! It is essential not only to embracing the gospel; it is essential to human being, essential to healing and maturity. Highborn and lowborn, as the psalm calls us, are alike in needing this.

Pray for the Spirit to grant this. But we are consigned to pray it first for ourselves; then for Team Aliquippa and the Church Army Aliquippa base plant; and then for people in Aliquippa.


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