Geneva College Spring Break Mission Trips

Dearborn, Michigan — five words

March 6, 2009
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Students going to Dearborn, Michigan will work and serve in the city know as “the most densely populated Arab Muslim region in North America.” Muslim immigrants from all over the world, but predominantly from Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, live and raise their families here.

While in Dearborn, students will help teach conversational, computer and sewing skills to members of the community. While most service opportunities will take place in a Christian community outreach center called Angel House, there will be many other chances to strike up conversations in the numerous cafes and bakeries where the Muslim college students spend their evenings.

Students will spend about 50% of their time serving and 50% learning about the Islamic faith and culture from missionaries living in Dearborn. The purpose of this trip is to serve, learn and share the love of Jesus. The students going to Dearborn have selected five words (well… six if you count a hyphenated word as two words) to guide them and use as their missions statement on the trip: love, transparency, growth, communication and spirit-led. Each word corresponds to a finger on a hand, which then signifies service to others and reaching out to them with the love of Christ.