Geneva College Spring Break Mission Trips

Thursday at the Café.

March 25, 2009
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March 12, 2009

Hello, GAMPC:

Thursday evenings at the Café are always Open Mic Night. I haven’t mentioned Justin, who volunteers at the Café, whom John has been training for leadership there. Justin, I hear from our team, is planning to become a missionary with the Church Army, and so will be starting to raise support for that. Justin oversees Open Mic Night. The Café is open late, and you can get dinner there for $4 and enjoy the show. There’s lots of games on the shelves at the Café, so some people play chess or checkers while they listen.

Yesterday Rebekah and Hannah sanded that old bench, working outside in the courtyard. I heard also about cleaning out under a refrigerator, and doing some baking (presumably not simultaneously!) David and Kerry and John attacked a nasty light bulb replacement job, not without some risk and hilarity! Michael got plenty of practice making lattes. The day of service ended with the team going on a prayer walk, as we did last year: walking to spots up and down the street and praying for God’s purposes to go forward in those places.

Today there is talk about going up on the roof to locate and patch leaks. Kerry says that’s David’s job! Not sure what other projects will be tackled. I imagine that getting dinner ready will be one of them.

The team said that a few people from Deliverance Temple have stopped by the Café, recognized them and greeted them warmly. Last night we enjoyed a drop-in visit from Tony Domanik, from last year’s team. Tony quizzed everybody about what is going on this year at the Café. Today Kerry’s family plans to drop by! The McMahons have been participating with us in prayer. I feel that people getting connected with the Café in Aliquippa is a solid and exciting answer to our prayers.

Pray today for significant projects to be identified and forwarded, and for deep blessing all round. Pray for many patrons at the Café, for them to sense safety and hope, value and redemption. Pray for there to be responsible choices made about behavior, community, hope, work and Christ.